Nicknamed, “All About You Hour,” Privates are One on one lessons customized lessons for your specific goals and abilities. This is an excellent way to heal injury, address health and wellness concerns and tailor your practice to your needs.
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Package Rates:
Single Class $65
6 Classes $360
12* Classes $660


Sharing a Pilates session with someone can be a great way to spend quality time with a friend or family member.  Duet instruction will not be focused solely on you, allowing your internal knowledge of the exercises to be challenged.  This independence encourages your body to imprint changes in your nervous system and deepen your practice.

Package Rates:
Single Class $45
6 Classes     $25212* Classes   $480


The Trio class is a semi-private reformer (Pilates equipment) class of up to 3 clients and 1 instructor.  This is best for those who would like to work out with friends, are budget-conscious, and have no serious injuries that may limit the ability to exercise.

Package Rates:
Single Class   $35
6 Classes     $192
12* Classes   $360

*New Students must first purchase a single or 6 Class Package before purchasing the 12 Package.